Welcome to Living Landscapes

A Living Landscape is a recovery plan for nature championed by The Wildlife Trusts since 2006. We are now leading 150 Living Landscape schemes around the UK working with and helping other people to restore wildlife to whole landscapes.

As The Wildlife Trusts, we want to:

But, we can only achieve that if we have consistent, up-to-date information and know:

The Living Landscape database is a significant part of our evidence base to help us achieve influence, raise our profile and grow our collective resources. Amongst other things, we will use the information to demonstrate the vision and tell the story, to influence policy, to identify funding and publicity opportunities, and share best practice.

Please create an entry for each of your Trusts’ Living Landscape Schemes.

The form is very easy to use and can be saved and edited so the data doesn’t all need to be entered at one time – but the data will be of most use if the data is detailed and comprehensive. As your scheme develops and evolves, you are able to update the information accordingly (e.g. following a successful funding bit) so we have the best available data when shouting about the fantastic work of The Wildlife Trusts.

If you have any questions, please contact Katherine Hawkins (khawkins@wildlifetrusts.org).